I just published my first ruby gem on rubygems.org. It is a simple gem that is useful in case you need to find out if one number is divisible by another.


  9.divisible_by(3) # => true
  10.divisible_by(3) # => false
  12.divisible_by(3) # => true
  12.divisible_by(4) # => true
  15.divisible_by(4) # => false

Same can be done with

  Divisible.check(9, 3) # => true
  Divisible.check(10, 3) # => false
  Divisible.check(12, 3) # => true
  Divisible.check(12, 4) # => true
  Divisible.check(15, 4) # => false


  gem install divisible

For more info go to https://github.com/vlado/divisible

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