MarkItUp: Rails plugin that turns any textarea into a markup editor

I recently published a plugin that helps you turn any textarea into a markup editor. It is based on excellent markItUp! jQuery plugin.


The most simple usage with preset defaults

  <%= javascript_include_tag "path/to/jquery" %>
  <%= mark_it_up '#miu_test' %>
  <%= form_tag do %>
    <%= text_area_tag "miu_test" %>
  <% end %>

You can see a lot more cool examples in action on

More info


Blur links with jQuery

While surfing the Web, you probably noticed the dotted outline, that appears when you click on the link. If your link doesn’t lead to another page, but instead triggers some event in the same page, outline stays there and looks ugly.

For modern browsers you can remove it with simple css:

a:focus, a:active {

Unfortunately, this won’t do for IE 6 and earlier.

With jQuery it’s easy to get rid of the outline in every browser that has JavaScript enabled:

$("a").click(function() {

This will remove outline from the link once he is clicked. You will see the outline when clicking, but it will not stay there.

If you don’t want to se the outline at all replace click event with focus event:

$("a").focus(function() {

To find more about jQuery Events visit